lördag 28 juli 2012

Tyranids vs Eldar 1999pts

Hi there folks. Ive been busy with life these last weeks but Im almost back on track again.
I had a game against a friend some weeks ago. This was my friends first 6th ed game so
he wanted to test out as many diffrent things as possible.

Below you have our setup and as seen in the picture it was very clear what my
tyranids had in mind for this game. In-your-face was the strategy and I wanted
to try out the biomancy psychic powers as much as possible. I put them on al my psych-casters
but with Eldrand on the oposite side of the table I had a very hard time getting the powers through.

In short the first gaming round didnt excite anybody but my oponent when in got perils of the warp on AL of my psych-casters due to Eldrands really ugly rule. (I had to do my psych-casting with 3d6 rather than 2 and every score of 12 or more was automaticly a perils of the warp)

I kept on moving up and trying to get in close but he kept on moving away, besides with his Harlequins in the middle (howling banshees for models).

The picture below shows the 4th turn of gaming i think.
Hes Wraithlord locked in combat with 2 units of termagaunts with a toxin sac boosted Tervigon just a few inches away giving the units Poison attacks. I laughed about it but the T8 Wraithlord was not that amused ha ha.

Some things I picked up this game is that the old bubble-wrap way of playing still works BUT you have to be more precise how you line up your models and check distanses pretty much al the time.
Hope the pictures say something because my memory is fucked up and I cant rememeber really what happend when in this game ha ha.
My bad and I have to start writing my battle reports directly after playing the games.


torsdag 19 juli 2012

If a tree falls...

Got the game in an hour or so and unpacked some terrain that I bought a while back and it's awesome!! Just love it

" Battlefield in a box" is the name of the terrain and it comes prepainted.

And you also see the base painted dakkafex. Gonna wash/shade it tonight

Later folks!

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More Carnifexes

After some digging in my bitz box I found a few monstrous creature devourers and here is the first of three.
As said yesterday I got a game tonight vs Eldar and am gonna try 3x twin-devourers Carnifexes.

I also moulded some more scarabs for a friend and tried to do a whole mold of a plasma gun. Not perfect but I'm getting there

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onsdag 18 juli 2012

A roundup of the past week

I've been of the blog for a week or so. It doesn't mean that I've been lazy painting or gaming.

As seen in the pictures I've painted 2 hive guards and a hive tyrann. Just basing to go then al done.

Not shown ho the pictures is the growing numbers of termagaunts that im painting. Sigh. It never ends!! Haha

Got a game vs Eldar tomorrow and the list I'm starting with is:

Hive tyrann, 2+ save, old adversary, 2x brainleach devourers + tyrann guard

2x2 hive guards
Doom of Malan'tai + pod

3 x11 termagaunts
3 x tervigon, toxin sacs, 3x psychic powers (probably biomancy)

3x Carnifex, 2x brainleach devourers

1990 pts

Keeping the termagaunts as a meat wall so my shooters can do their thing in their own pace

Simple enough but should work

Pictures from the game coming up later on

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onsdag 11 juli 2012

Almost half past done...

I have 25 termagaunts game ready but as you can see I still got 28 to go. Sigh

I played a game last night with my tyranid force against a jump infantry heavy Flesh Tearer list.

I got pictures of the end of every game turn and will be writing a battle report and some thoughts of the game as well.

But for now I'm getting back to the painting table.

So long hombres

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torsdag 5 juli 2012


After the humiliating defeat yesterday I went to town on my tyranid list. Read the 6th rule book and an idea was born ho the shape of dual Carnifexes with scything talons.

The thought is to hive them feel no pain from my 2 tervigons and then start the run across the field
They should ad able to take the punishment they will receive. In theory that is

The list is some 179 pts short and I'm out of ideas :-S

The list thus far is:

Hive tyrant, 2+ save, lash whip + bone sword, heavy venomcanon

2x2 Hive guards

2x15 termagaunts
2x Tervigons, catalyst, toxin sacs

Trygon prime
Tyranofex, rupture canon
2x Carnifex

Thats it. Ideas?

Oh yeah. This is the new Carnifexes I repainted

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6th edition first game

So my first 6th ed game were played yesterday.
My tyranids vs Pers Necrons

I had a 5th ed list very monstrous creature heavy.

1999 points
Hive tyrant, 2+ save, twin-brainleach devourers

Parasite of Mortrex

2x Hive guard

2x12 termagaunts
2x Tervigon,catalyst and adrenal gland
4 ripper swarms

20 gargoyles, toxin sacks

Harpy, twin-heavy venom canon

Trygon, regeneration
TYranofex, rupture canon

Per had
2x destroyer lords, mindshackle scarabs, 2+save

10 warriors in ghost arc
2x 10 immortals
3x annihilation barges
3 heavy destroyers
5 scarab bases
5 Pretorians
3 wraiths, whip coils
Triarchstalker heavy gauss canon

There it is. We rolled mission and it was The emperors will. I.e.2 objectives + first blood, slay the warlord, line breaker
Setup was vanguard strike

I went first and set up on the front line with everything. Figuring that he shoots harder than me, doh!! Necrons, and but I hit harder in cc than him.

In short the first game turn ended up with me penetrating one a-barge with my harpy but he made the cover save.
He in return shoot up half my gargoyles. They had feel no pain and did sure need it.  They got pounded good!!

Turn two from my side was very unimpressive due to bad shooting and good saves on his side. My mawloc burrowed up hitting 3 units. A-barge, immortals and a lord in a pretorian unit. Rolling poorly but it's no excuse

I got to use the new psychic powers on his other lord in a wraiths unit. I took the biomancy genre and got enfeeble one. -1 t and s on that unit. Awesome.
So in my shooting phase I got to shoot at that unit with my termagaunts scoring wounds on 3+ due to majority T rule. Awesome!!

In short did the game play out something like this:

Necrons slowly advancing and tesla shoot me to hell. Me on the other hand replenishing my numbers with over 50 new termagaunts during the game. Would have been moore but I ran out of models ha ha

It ended up per winning with 6-0. He took his objective, drew first blood, killed my general (if I remember correct he killed himself due to the mindshackle scarabs)

My conclusion of this game and 6th ed is:
* I need to start building competitive lists again
* Shooting is gonna play an even bigger role ho this edition
* close combat with lots of different initiative and wound allocation will ad greatly to the a average game time
* 2+ armour save and fearless units in cc is the shit when the power weapon got nerfed

Looking forward to my next game when I will bring out my imperial guard again.

Enjoy folks. In the near future there is only WAR!!!

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tisdag 3 juli 2012

Hive Tyrant

I'm playing my first 6th ed game tomorrow and I was deciding between my imperial guard army and my tyranid army.

The hive mind took control.

I airbrushed an old metall hive tyrant with 2 twinlinked devourers

Here is the result after some brush painting and washing/shading with Earthshade.

Game on!! Battle report coming up hopefully tomorrow

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söndag 1 juli 2012

it is done

Al done!!

1: airbrushed the whole tank with heavily watered down dheneb stone (my last pot :-S)

2: used "markerings tejp" and cover al but the tracks then airbrushed them using Game color Gunmetal
Painted the demolisher canon and lascanon with the same color but with a brush.

3: I used the new gw earthshade shade (wash) for shading.
Not the whole model but only in creases and on bolts sticking out and around hatches.
Lining is the technical term I think.
Washed al metal parts heavily with Earthshade

4: Used the tape, "markerings tejp", and covered the sides and rear leaving a straight line visible for the upcoming airbrush.
Painting the red with airbrush, color Italian red with Vallejos air paint.

5: battle damage was painted first chaos black and then gunmetal leaving some black showing.

6: The transfers were cut out, put in water, applied on the tank using  tweezers.
When dry I used some Flames of war Decal softener to fix the transfer some more.

One tank from base to finish in some 4 hours or so.

Enjoy and paint well

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Just some...

Just some transfers left to do then the tank is al ready for some a-pounding to be forcefully given :-D

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