måndag 15 oktober 2012

wORK in progress

My next project is as some know are Ork allies to my Guard One of my pieces is a slightly modified dakkajet. This is pre-wash on the metal parts. Lots to do but there it is

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torsdag 11 oktober 2012


As I wrote yesterday my eyes are seeing green. I started to paint some shoota boys and here they are. :-D

My thought is to play the orker as a detachment to my Guard for a while. Enjoy!! P.s I'm sorry for the messy writing yesterday. Dont know why it al was written together.
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onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Back from the dead

Or better put: back from the tournament. As written earlier it was a 2 day, 5 games tournament, 1999 pts with allies and fortifications. The tournament point system was to play over 20 game points. I.e. Max score in one game was 20-0 I ran my demon list you have seen posted here with pretty good results. My first game I played a scout heavy space marine list. Jump pack assault marines, master of the forge, whirlwind, missilelauncher lascanon dreadnought, razorback and lots of tacticals. I won 15-5 anyhow after deepstrike mishap my Faithweaver to death turn 2. Got to play a Necron list with a monolith, 2 banana boats (Nightscythe), 2 ghost arcs, 2 a-barges and some destroyers. It was a really tight game that I won with holding 3 out of 5 objectives and he had one. 16-4 my favour I think. Game 3 I meet a blood angel list with an aegis defence line, quadgun, 10!!! Shooty terminators with a sanguine priest (feel no pain!!) a librarian and an bike captain. Some tactical units and 2 storm ravens. My Faithweaver died turn 1 and I mishaped my blood thirster to hell. I thought. Cocked dice and I rolled misplaced... Pjuh... Another extremely tight game that ended up 10-10. He had 2 terminators, some tacticals and a rhino left. I had my demon prince, plague bearers and a pink horror squad. Slaughter!! Home to bed and sleepu like a drunk baby. Game 4 was, as always, against my team mate Robert. We ALWAYS get to fight ho round 4. He played Space Wolves with imperial guard this time. 5 thunder wolves, Lord on wolf, 2 bike runepriests, 2 grey hunter squads in rhinos, lascanon armed long fangs, primaries psyker, "naked" infantry platoons, vendetta. Odd looking list but he is a very good player so I got on my toes. Picture this. A infantry squad sees the Faithweaver swooping above them. In fright they points their flashlights to the sky, blinding the Faithweaver that crashes. A nearby rune priest chugs his Bud light and barfs Jaws of the world at the Faithweaver. Guess one time what the dice showed when I rolled it? 6. No more Faithweaver haha. I end up wiping him and winning 19-1. My last game and I'm ho a really good position to get good placing. I end up meeting another demon player and after getting a ruling on the demon rules on the screamers and flamers we get to play. Ho short is what rules the "new" demons play by. I thought, and played al tournament, that they were NOT immune to instant death while the tournament people ruled the other way. Why upset you think? You'll see... He's list was: Faithweaver, a lord of change, 5x5 plague bearers. Ok not that tough... 6x3 flamers and 3x8 screamers .... He slaughtered me... The paint fell of my models and finally he took a dump straight in my face. 0-20 and nothing I could do about it really. He had a to hard army, played to well for me to handle. Qudos!! And oh!!! I forgot to put my fiends on the table al together!!!! I suck haha He ended up 9th and I 21st place out of 80 players. Over al I'm really pleased with my list. Going to do lots of changes but for now in painting orks allies to my Guard :-D

Above: turn 2 against necrons

Turn 4-5 against Space Marines

Above. The epic battle with my Bloodthirster and Roberts Warlord took place with a rune priest as spectator

Above. Roberts, SW, turn 2

Above. The last thing that happened this tournament. My plaguebearers already in a eight with a lord of change gets assaulted by "a bunch" of Screamers. We never rolled the dice. I just gave up. Gg!!
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fredag 5 oktober 2012

Ready for the tournament

5 games total, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. 1999 pts, allies. I'll post my final list and some pics later tonight :-D Fantastia Fanatic here we go!

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tisdag 2 oktober 2012

Can I scream....ers!!!!

There they are. My top 3 Chaos Daemon unit. Screamers. Whats left to do is highlight the eyes and finishing touches to the bone/teeth. :-D
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